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    We are a local family owned business. Unlike national chains, we do not hire outside subcontractor strangers to install security systems in your home or business. At Ron Duckson Security Systems you can trust our family to protect your family!

  • Top Service

    We offer superior customer service over the national chains. Why wait on hold with some undisclosed call center when you can speak directly with us? There is no comparison!

    Personal Service
  • Word of Mouth

    When you are really good then trusted people will tell their friends and family. Over 90% of our new business comes directly from referrals. Need we say more?

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Commercial security custom built specifically for your business.

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Superior residential security with outstanding local customer care.

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The most trusted and reliable monitoring service available.

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Trusted Dayton Security since 1973

Ron Duckson Security Systems is a family owned and operated security corporation serving the Greater Dayton, Ohio, area. Our family has been in business since 1973 professionally installing quality security equipment.

We offer complete residential, commercial and industrial burglar and fire alarm systems. Commercial and industrial fire alarm systems are installed according to requirements of the local fire departments. We offer design assistance for required commercial fire systems and are licensed by the State of Ohio to install Fire Alarm systems.

Some of our competitors have prepackaged systems that are marketed aggressively to the mass market, and then are installed by an outside subcontractor with no affiliation or long term vested interest in that security company.

Unique Approach

Our approach is different. We feel each customer has unique wants and needs that should be addressed individually. We design each system we install according to those wants and needs. In other words, we design the system to fit our customer rather than trying to fit our customer to a prepackaged system.

Many security companies hire outside contractors with limited experience to enter your home or place of business for installation. At Ron Duckson Security Systems, you can rest assured your installation will be handled by a local member of your community, not some outside stranger with limited experience. Our company handles every aspect of your installation directly so you can be assured that your new system is set up and working properly.

Last, another difference between us and all the other security companies is that we offer superior customer service. Should you decide to do business with a national chain, you are likely to be on the phone waiting and being transferred to different call center representatives for any question you might have. Why work with an large national chain only to deal with call center phone support that is based who-knows-where? At Ron Duckson Security Systems you can call and talk personally to the owner of the company directly. It just makes sense to do business locally.

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Commercial Security
Residential Security
24 Hour Monitoring
Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

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